About Us

Renvoo is an event organizing, marketing, and hosting company with a special focus on organizing and hosting events that have long lasting impact and changes in people’s lives.

The name “Renvoo” is derived from “rendezvous”, which means to meet or a meeting at an agreed time and place. Our mission is to organize and host impactful and perhaps life changing events that enable and spark connections between people, thus leading to meaningful outcomes in some aspect of their lives. We are especially interested in three main types of events.

Working Professionals Events

We believe in self-improvement and self-actualization. We  hold a variety of events to help professionals improve themselves, advance and actualize their goals. These events (e.g. networking events, small business expos, conferences, startup events, tech events, seminars, etc.)  are usually paid events and are meant to help working professionals form new professional or business connections, build new relationships, acquire new skills, clients or customers, expand their social and professional networks, and ultimately advance their careers or grow their businesses.

Dating and Relationship Events

We believe in love and we love helping people find love. We host speed dating events and other  dating and relationship oriented events. The events are  meant for single professionals to meet, socialize, have fun, mix and mingle, and hopefully spark connections that lead to meaningful relationships.

Social Cause Events

We believe in events that can have positive socio-economic and political outcomes. From time to time, we organize and host events to educate the public on some social, economic, and political issues. These events are usually free of charge, but are packed with insightful information and perspectives by knowledgeable speakers.

Overall, at any of our events, our aim is spark and enable connections, which is at the core of who we and what we do.