We try our best to hold events at venues with free parking. However, we do not guarantee parking. We encourage you to arrive early to sort out parking.

We hope that you would no reason to request a refund. However, we understand that things change and would be able to issue you a refund if requested no later than a week before the event.

We strongly encourage you to sign up and purchase a ticket online. Space is limited, and we cannot guarantee you a spot if you did not sign up online prior to the event. Furthermore, online sign ups help us to ensure a balanced ratio of men and women.

Yes, you can bring a friend or two, who can wait for you inside the venue. Your friend(s) will not be allowed to participate in the speed dating event if he/she did not purchase a ticket.

Please arrive 15 minutes early, before the event, to sign in and to get oriented.

Considering that the event may be held in bar or lounge, bring a government issued ID, which you may need to present to security to gain entrance.

There is no strict dress code, but we recommend business or smart casual attire. In other words, dress to impress.

We highly recommend that you sign up for events that fit your age range. Each event is designed for a specific age, and we and participants (i.e. you and other participants) hope that you respect the age ranges and sign up for events that fit your age range.

Yes. You must be single to attend the events. The events are organized for singles, and we expect only singles to attend. If you are separated or divorced and consider yourself “single”, you are welcome to attend our events.

During the event, you will have five minutes to interact with each lady or gentleman.  At the end of each five minute interval, the gentlemen will move on to the next lady until everyone has had the opportunity to interact with each other.

After making your decision on who you would like to see again, you will hand in your match sheet to the host.

If you have never tried speed dating and you feel unsure about it, it’s understandable to be unsure of what you have never tried. However, as long as you keep an open mind and give it a try, you would be pleasantly surprised at the experience, especially with the other participants.

Speed dating allows you to meet a good number of eligible singles in one night. During our speed dating event, you would have five minutes to  interact, assess and decide whether you want to see someone again. In just one night, you would have more dates than you would usually have in one year.

Speed dating is a modern type of dating that provides an avenue for you to meet a number of eligible singles. It’s somewhat similar to a blind date, but unlike a traditional blind date, speed dating provides you with a number of dates and makes it easier for you to assess your dates and to decide whether to see them again, based on your impression of them within a short time frame.