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5 Overlooked Traits That Men Find Attractive In A Woman

What men find attractive in a woman is the most asked question. The answer varies widely. Everyone has a type and like most people, you don’t know it until you find the one. In places like speed dating Houston event singles come out to find “the one”. For that, they will be attracted to people that seem like their type. So how many times have you ever wondered if you are someone’s type?

I bet a lot. Of course, our insecurities can sometimes get the best of us. It is safe to say someone out there is looking for someone just like you. The general appearance is a plus but that’s not the only thing most guys find attractive. Here are some of the most surprising traits that they generally find attractive:

  • Enchanting personality

Be yourself. Stop trying too hard to impress, your potential mate can pick up cues of pretense. Of course, you would like the man to like you for you. After all, you cannot hide forever. Try to relax and let him fall for your personality. Traits like positive energy, kindness and respect rate higher in the attraction scale. Research states that personality influences perception of attraction. In short, it means that men would consider your cheerful character as a plus especially when choosing a long term partner.

  • Hygiene

First impressions matter. The very first thing that people will notice is your general look. It speaks volumes on your personality. For instance, are your nails neat? Hair combed? Is there any weird body odor? People are keen to notice such things and any sign of unhygienic traits is a major turn off. You don’t have to go to the extreme makeover to prove a point. Simply take a shower and make sure you look good. Ditch the pajamas when you’re going to the grocery stores, you never know who you bump into.

  • Magical eyes

Eyes are the gateway to the soul or so I’ve heard. The first rule of body language is to make eye contact. Why? Our eyes express our feelings without you having to say a word. When you’re into a person, your pupils become larger and it is attractive. Of course, you won’t notice but the other person will, even if it’s subconscious.  It’s no surprise that eyes made the list.

  • Humorous

Laughter is good for your soul and everyone likes a good laugh, across all ages. It is a trait that is recognized as a basic human trait. Humor is a good way to release the tension and ease up a way to make the conversation.  It is mostly viewed as a sign of strength and a way to gain intimacy. That’s why most men try to lure women with jokes. Research states that men find women with the right sense of humor attractive. Note that they are looking for a funny woman per se, they are looking for one who will laugh at their jokes. Yea, it boosts their ego.

  • Feminine features

Frankly speaking, most men prefer women with feminine features compared to stick thin structures. So stop starving yourself to get thin. The average guy is likely turned on by a waist to hips ratio, more of the hourglass figure. With that said, please don’t go overboard with the waist trainers and endless plastic surgeries. Leave the perfect fantasy bodies for the models and accept yourself the way you are. Your potential lover will be attracted to you just the way you are. You are perfect that way. A simple study doesn’t make you any less attractive.

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