7 Essential Facts To Remember When Dating A Single Mom

You have landed a beautiful lady at the speed dating Houston event and turns out she is a single mom. Single moms are strong and juggle between work, kids and personal life. You need to understand that dating them is different because they have a clear picture of what they want. It’s a good thing that she is open to dating but she needs someone mature enough to handle her.  So here are a few things you should know when considering dating a single mom.

  • Her kids come first

Understand that her kids are her priority. For that, she will cancel on you more times every week because something came up with the kids. Maybe the child is sick or school emergency or the baby sitter canceled. Be flexible and understanding. You’ll have to meet her halfway.

  • Offer emotional support

She can be overwhelmed by everything she is going through. Lend her a listening ear and do nice things for her to get her mind to relax. She will constantly be worried something will go wrong but be her pillar of support. She is human and sometimes she can’t handle it all.

  • Leave the disciplining to her

If you want to start having problems, try parenting kids that are not yours. My friend, those are your girlfriend’s kids, you have no right to discipline them. If you notice something going wrong, tell her about it then she will handle it. You taking it into your own hands will not end well, even if you meant to help. That’s not your job.

  • Be trustworthy

Let her trust you. Note that she has been hurt before and trust at this point does not come naturally. The relationship could be going well until you do something that triggers a past scar. She has endured a lot and anything can remind her of what she has been through. Don’t be another source of pain but a person who will help her heal.

  • Stay away from ex drama

I know you don’t want to hear this but the ex is still in the picture. You will keep seeing him around whenever he picks or drops the kids. If there is any drama, tension or court issue, let her handle it. You getting in the middle will be messy and you don’t want that kind of chaos. Be supportive and advice her well but don’t meddle.

  • Be honest

What are your intentions? Be honest about what your intentions are upfront. At this point, she does not have time to waste. You are both adults and she can handle the truth. If you are in to get laid or short term relationship at least be open about it. Don’t lead her on, befriend the kids then up and disappear like an immature person. Style up and be a man!

  • Bond with the kids too

Her kids are her whole universe. If you want to have an easier relationship, be cordial with the kids too. Aye, no one is asking you to play dad but the kids will always be there. They can either build or break the relationship. They might even not like you at first but that’s okay, you can build a relationship with them as you are doing with their mom. Respect boundaries and be there to support them whenever they need it.

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