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First date: 5 ways to tell if it went well

First dates are usually the most awkward and uncomfortable experience that most people dread. So you have been lucky the beautiful lady you met at the speed dating Houston event agreed to go out with you. You were busy worrying about your appearance, next conversations and remembering the dry jokes you read online to actually be in the moment. In case you are wondering if your date had a good time with you, below are sure signs that the date went well.

The conversation flowed

Naturally, when you like someone, you don’t struggle to make small talk. Notice how the small talks developed into deeper topics and you seemed to just click. It’s like you have known each other for years. Also, she most likely was relaxed around you and was naturally herself. It’s not very often ladies to relax when they are out with strangers.

The date took longer than anticipated

You might have planned to have a few drinks then be done in an hour or two but it turned into dinner, a movie and drinks after all in one night. This means she is enjoying your company and didn’t mind spending more time with you.

Laughed at your jokes

Okay, you might not be the funniest guy but she surely did laugh at your lame jokes. Yes, champ she likes you. When someone is into you, they naturally find things you say or do amusing. Also, mind her body language and eye contact. If she was leaning towards you and held the eye contact when you both were deep in that conversation, yes she does like you.

She agreed to do something with you in the future

We all know how awkward first dates work, you want to get over with it and never see each other ever again. In this case, you talked about participating in future activities together. For instance, you mentioned how much you like soccer and she offered to tag along or she mentioned about a cycling club she attends on the weekend and invited you to participate. This means she wants to get to you better and would be interested in hanging out with you again. More points for you!

Texted you as soon as she got home

Did she send you a cute text to let you know she is home safely and she had a good time? Of course, she did. She was smitten and you are still on her mind. She wants to let you know she is safe even if you walked her home. At least she wants the conversation to continue. If she didn’t then maybe she is just playing hard to get. Text her to ask if she is okay, but make it sound casual.

Getting back into the dating scene can be tricky at times, especially now that rules change every now and then. Regardless, date without any expectations at first until you are sure you have found the right person for you. In the meantime be open to options.

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