Speed Dating Houston - Tips for Women

Houston Speed Dating: Five Tips for Women

Houston speed dating is a great way to meet eligible single professional gentlemen, looking to mix and mingle. Speed dating in Houston is fun, considering that Houston is a vibrant and multicultural city, inclusive of people from various countries and backgrounds. For the ladies, if you are looking for something serious, speed dating would introduce you to a good number of eligible single professional men, some of whom are looking to settle down. If you are not looking for something serious and you just want to have fun; sure, you can go with your friends and checkout all the men, some of whom would be interested in you. However, to make sure that you enjoy the experience, read through the five recommend tips below. Gentlemen, see “Speed Dating Houston: Five Tips for Men“.

1.Arrive early and leave later

If the speed dating event starts at 7 PM, arrive 10 or 15 minutes early. Plan your outing, keeping in mind that you may encounter traffic on your way. You paid for the event; don’t let traffic and/or other delays rob you of your money and a night of potential memories. Please see our speed dating Houston singles event schedule and plan accordingly.

Also, keep in mind that other people are coming to see you. When you arrive late or don’t show up, you are robbing other people of their money and potential experience with you. Plus, if you arrive early, you have the chance to chat with other participants (who arrived early) before the event begins.

At the end of the event, stick around and chat up the other singles. Now you have unrestricted time to continue your conversation with someone you are interested in, assuming he sticks around after the event. Also, you can talk to other women.

2.Dress to Impress

Wear something decent and comfortable. Most importantly, wear something that you are confident in. Stay away from any provocative dressing, like sheer see through. Remember, some speed dating events have (unofficial) dress codes and you may be denied from participating if your dressing violates their dress code. Of course, you should be well-groomed. Even though you are dressing and grooming to impress other people, looking and feeling gorgeous add to your self-confidence.

Don’t forget to smell nice!

3.Keep an open mind

You probably have an idea of the type of guy you want. However, be realistic in your expectations and keep an open mind. It’s nice to have a checklist, but don’t be too stringent on the checklist. If a guy fits at least one of the criteria on your checklist, you should probably consider giving him a second chance to find out more about him. Remember, going on a second date does not mean you two are a thing yet.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Houston is a multicultural city, inclusive of people of various backgrounds.  You would probably meet men from various backgrounds and all works of life at any Houston speed dating event. Even if you don’t find them physically attractive, listen to their story and enjoy the conversation.

Also, keep in that you may need to attend more one Houston speed dating, before you find a match. It’s not a guarantee, but if you keep an open mind and not be too picky, it would be easier for you to get a match.

4.Don’t be afraid to lead the conversation

Some women expect men to lead the conversation. Well, this is the 21st century and don’t be surprised to find men who are bad in leading a conversation. In fact, some guys would be pleasantly surprised if you lead the conversation; it helps to take the pressure off them.If you lead the conversation, don’t take up all the time. Try to get him to contribute to the conversation as much as possible. Ask open ended questions, instead of yes/no questions.  The rule of thumb is to listen as much as you talk.

5.Make friends with other female singles

Speed dating is a great way to meet eligible men, but you can also make female friends from Houston speed dating events. If you stick around after the event, you can chat up the other single women, find out about their experiences and talk about common interests. Sufficing to say, one obvious common interest is that you all are looking for a love interest and/or for fun. By making friends with the other females, you all can meet up sometime and support each other as you continue to search for that special someone.

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