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How to get over an ex you still have feelings for

Going through heartbreak can throw you off balance with crazy mood swings all over the place. Good news you are not alone. We have all been there and it’s different for everyone depending on terms of the breakup. Most try to go out with friends, attend the speed dating Houston event and get into reckless behavior to numb the pain

I can’t promise you that the pain will go away immediately or you will forget the same way you keep forgetting where your keys are, but eventually, you will heal. In the meantime let’s discuss a sure way that will help you through the process.  

Accept that it’s over

It’s easier said than done but in order for you to let go, you need to accept that it’s over. Yes, it will be hard at first but holding on won’t help. Be grateful for the whole situation and take it as an opportunity to move on. When you kill the hope of getting back together you will stop being stagnant and pick up the pieces and start from there.

Avoid stalking your ex

Stalking your ex will only hurt you more. The moment you check their social media post or status and see them having fun without you, it will kill you. It would be worse if they have moved on and poses with their new boo. Don’t do that to yourself. Cut all contact, unfriend them, block and delete for your own sake. What you don’t know won’t kill you. For your own piece of mind, avoid the urge of wanting to know what’s new with them

Focus on you

This sounds so cliché but it works. See the science behind this is to keep yourself occupied to avoid thinking about your ex. Use this time to get new hobbies, learn a new skill, exercise and do new things. That way you get to improve yourself and heal slowly. Some people use this time to get a revenge “post-breakup look”. If it’s going to make you feel good about yourself, then, by all means, try it out.

Get rid of anything that has past memories

We hold on to souvenirs and presents that bring us fond memories of our partners but after a breakup, you need to get rid of them. Because obviously they will remind you of them and you don’t need that at the moment. Yes, it’s hard to part ways with those things but it’s time to move on.

Stop regretting and analyzing

Going back and forth replaying the relationship in your head a million times a day will not help you heal. Avoid the urge trying to analyze with possible good outcomes, it will keep you stuck there. Understand it’s too late and no genie will appear with a magic wand to reverse time, it only happens in the movies friend. Let it go!

Go out and meet new people

The last thing you want to hear is meeting new people. The mere thought of it might make you sick to your stomach but hear me out first. See when you go out there it will make you have an open mind and you’ll see there is life post-breakup. You can go out with your friends to get distracted but don’t rule out the option of coffee dates and so on.

The best advice I ever received during this period is to give myself time. So I’ll tell you the same, it may take a while but eventually, you’ll be fine.

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