Painful truths about modern dating that you need to know before it’s too late

Modern dating is slowly turning into a painful process leaving people with more questions than answers. With the help of technology, it’s supposed to be easier but instead, it’s harder and confusing. Dating apps, friends with benefits, speed dating and casual hookups have brought by unnecessary complications with more scars and less successful relationships.

Ask around and all you’ll hear is how terrible it is. People are taking others for granted, leading them on only to disappoint them in the end. If you have just stepped back into the dating scene recently, let me help you by explaining the excruciating truth about modern dating.

Love isn’t a priority anymore

You heard that right. Unfortunately, people out here are dating for every other reason except love. For instance, someone can be attracted to you because of your money, looks or career. It’s a sad truth but it is what it is. You will easily fall prey to someone trying to date you just for the fun of it or what they get out of it.

People have baggage

Most folks out here are carrying around past relationships, secrets and other stuff. Such people are hard to date as they always have something going on and you will be a victim of their situation.

Cheating is a thing

As much as it hurts me to say this, cheating in modern dating is a thing. It might not be your thing but people out here have normalized it. Watch out for signs that you might be a side chick/dude or they are dating someone else besides you.


Ghosting is the modern dating breakup process. This is whereby when someone is tired of the relationship and disappears for weeks without a word. What happened to the old fashioned breakup? Well, it’s childish and unnecessary but it happens. So yea if they disappear on you, you’re dumped, friend!

Rules no longer apply

Remember the 90 days rules or how the guys have to cover all the bills, well that’s out the window. Nowadays no one is following any rules anymore, people are doing whatever they want. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any of your own. Stand your ground and don’t allow anyone to force into things you don’t want.


This is where someone is really not into you but they want you to hang around as a backup plan. By this I mean they send you mixed signals. For instance, they send you random texts to make you think like they care while all they are doing is distracting you long enough to keep your attention.

Lying about their real intentions

Another thing is that you’ll meet people lying about their real intentions. They will lead you on with other hidden agendas. For instance, a guy will lie about wanting a relationship only to get sex then disappear. Be careful, some will follow you for as long as possible and jump through hoops to get what they want. They are a cunning breed with selfish deeds.

Break up texts

Technology came to break communication barriers but it’s disrespectful to be dumped over a text. Unfortunately, you will encounter this several times if you’re unlucky. People no longer have the guts to face others to tell the reason why they want it to be over. Don’t take it personally; it’s a trend no one wants to be a victim of.

It’s a cruel world but you learn by others mistake. Good news is there are a few good people left out there. Just hope you’ll find one of them. Good luck in your search. Check out our speed dating Houston events.

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