Speed Dating Houston - Tips for Men

Speed Dating Houston: Five Tips for Men

Speed dating Houston eligible single professionals is a fun and easy way to meet a good number of women in just one night. Think about it, in just one night, you get to meet and chat with about 10 or more single women. You know they are single and looking. Now, the ball is your court to spark a connection with at least one of the women and hopefully get a match and a second date with her. To get the make the most of the speed dating experience, consider the five tips below. Ladies, see “Houston Speed Dating: Five Tips for Women“.

1.Arrive early

If the speed dating  Houston event starts at 7 PM, arrive 10 or 15 minutes early. Plan your outing, keeping in mind that you may encounter traffic on your way. You paid for the event; don’t let traffic and/or other delays rob you of your money and a night of potential memories. Check out our speed dating Houston schedule.

Also, keep in mind that other people are coming to see you. When you arrive late or don’t show up, you are robbing other people of their money and potential experience with you. Plus, if you arrive early, you have the chance to chat with other participants (who arrived early) before the event begins.

At the end of the event, stick around and chat up the other singles.

2.Dress to Impress

This is kind of important. What you wear helps to differentiate you from other men and could make a difference on her first impression of you. Put some thought into and dress to impress. You don’t have to buy new clothes just for a night for speed dating. Instead, select from what you already have, and wear a clean attire that you are confident in. If you are not sure of what to wear, wear a business casual attire – dress shirt and pants. You can’t go wrong with that.

If you are in shape or if you work out, don’t be afraid to wear something that flatters your shape. You want the ladies to notice your physique. Nonetheless, be decent!

Finally, put on some cologne. Please, don’t empty a whole bottle of cologne on yourself!

3.Be open minded

Some people consider speed dating as nontraditional and an unusual way to meet people. Yes, it is unusual (in a good way, considering that you get to meet more potential love interests in one night than you could possibly meet in a year, on your own), but there is nothing “nontraditional” about it. If you are a conservative struggling to accept the idea of speed dating, think about it as a fun way to network and socialize with eligible singles. Speed dating is just a form of introduction to meet professional and eligible singles.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Houston is a multicultural city, inclusive of people of various backgrounds.  There is nothing wrong in expecting to meet the woman of your dreams at a speed dating event, but this is Houston; just keep an open mind that you could meet women from different cultures, experiences, personalities, and body types at speed dating Houston events. Even if you don’t like the woman you are chatting with, be a gentleman and at least be interested in the conversation.

4.Be confident

The thought of speed dating could be nerve wracking, especially if you have been to any speed dating event. Don’t think too much about the event. Remember, you are going to meet women who are excited and looking forward to meet you.

Make sure that you are well groomed (including fresh breath; buy some mint if necessary) and dressed to impress. Look yourself in the mirror and pat yourself on the back for all your accomplishments. You are a professional and eligible single looking for a potential love interest. Think about your top five qualities you believe any woman would appreciate about you. Now, what are the five qualities you are looking for in a woman? This brief exercise is meant to boost your self-concept and/or self-esteem and help you with being confident through the speed dating event, but obviously, confidence, self-concept and/or self-esteem are long term accomplishments.

5.Know when to listen and when to talk

You have five minutes to interact with each woman. Sure, five minutes is a short time to get to know someone, but it is enough to know whether you want to see them again.

Your conversation with her would be, perhaps, the most important differentiator. Don’t be afraid to flirt with her, but don’t overdo it and don’t freak her out. Listen to her, but don’t let her take up most or all the five minutes. When you are listening, be genuinely interested and interject when necessary.

 If you like her, don’t be afraid to let her know – say something to let her know that you like her. Nonetheless, do not ask for her phone number! That’s a big speed dating faux pas. Also, you must be careful not to say the same thing to other women, because they might have overheard when you said the same thing to the other woman.

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