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Why Am I Still Single? Top 5 Reasons

Why am I still single? That’s a common question among singles? Obviously, there are various reasons for being single. Also, being single is not a bad thing. However, some people enjoy being single, whereas other people prefer to share their lives with a partner. If you are wondering why you are still single, you probably know why already, but here’s our top 5 reasons for why most people are single.

Why am I still single?

Top 5 reasons why you are still single – You are not being proactive, you are too busy to socialize and mingle, you don’t know how or where to look, you are picky, and/or you are holding yourself back.

1.Why am I still single? You are not being proactive.

Don’t sit in your couch every day, hoping that you would eventually find someone to settle down with. You need to be proactive. You need to let your friends know that you are single and looking. You need to get off the couch on Thursday and/or Friday nights and go out. You need to meet new people. You need to socialize. Again, you need to be proactive. Speed dating is an easy way to get started. For the ladies, when you go to a speed dating event, try to make friends with the other females; you can hangout and support each as you continue your search for a mate. For guys, you can also try making friends with the other guys.

2. Why am I still single? You are too busy to socialize and mingle.

This is related to “not being proactive” in the sense that you are not socializing and mingling with other singles. However, the difference is that you are just too busy to have or make time to socialize. It is easy to think that you are too busy with other things and hence do not have time have fun and socialize with other singles in town. School and/or work are probably the most time-consuming part of some people’s life. Nonetheless, regardless of how busy you might be, going out once or twice per month is a modest and attainable goal.

3.Why am I still single? You don’t know how or where to look.

You may be wondering, where can I meet other singles? You are ready and looking to start a relationship, but you don’t know how or where to start. You have scoped around your current vicinity of operation, i.e. workplace, school, and other places you routinely frequent every week, but have had no success in getting something started. If that is the case, you should expand your social circle beyond your vicinity of operation. Speed dating in Houston is one great way to meet new people and expand your social circle. However, your success in speed dating depends on your approach. Make sure to read our speed dating tips for males and females, to increase your chances of getting a match.

4.Why am I still single? You are picky.

One of the hurdles in starting a relationship is that in some or most cases, people you want don’t want you and you don’t want people who want you. You probably have a “type” – your ideal man or woman, who is almost always elusive. So, you keep scoping and hoping to find that ideal type, and here we are – you haven’t found the ideal type and you are still single. No pressure, but isn’t it time you realized that you are being picky? You need to do some evaluation. Why haven’t you found your ideal type? Are you willing to keep looking until you find your ideal type? Would you consider someone close to your ideal type?

5.Why am I still single? You are holding yourself back.

Somewhat like having a “type”, people also have ideal order of life events that must fall into place, before they consider dating. Some people want to graduate college, get a job and buy a house, before thinking about dating. Other people want to be financially stable while some other people want to lose some weight before dating. Nevertheless, don’t hold yourself back, when the opportunity presents itself. You can continue building yourself up in a relationship, if you allow yourself to get into one.

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